Size isn't everything
We are here to help, what ever your purse allows.


We at Scruffy Bear will sit down with you and look at every option available within our kit list and look at the ways we can help you.

It's not always about the money.

Its about creating something personal and unique that will leave an impression for a long time.

It also makes US look good.


There is no point doing something for you if you are not involved.

The more you can tell the team, the more we can deliver. It's all about making it yours... personal.

The experience should also be as relaxed and as much fun as possible.

We enjoy what we do, why shouldn't you?


Nothing better for us than a client showing our work for them with pride.

We deliver that, in all formats, anywhere in the world.

Currently based in the UK, we work in Europe, United states and now Saudi Arabia.